How to improve your Twitter security and privacy


Now is a good time to take a look at Twitter’s security and privacy settings and find out what they really mean, and how you can tighten them up.

First of all, all privacy settings can be found at underneath your logo, then click settings.

Here you can find a number of tools and resources to ensure you can control what you see on Twitter. There are three important ones that we want to focus on to let you control your experience:


Mute offers you the control to avoid people whose Tweets bother you – whether they’re sending spam or spoilers. You won’t see their Tweets and muted accounts won’t know they’ve been muted.


Block stops people from following you, tagging you in photos, or accessing your Tweets.


If someone is threatening you or someone else, report it. When you do, our Safety team investigates to determine the right response.

You should also be aware of the following:

Phishing websites

Phishing websites will often look just like Twitter’s login page, but will actually be a website that is not Twitter. Here are some examples of URLs that are NOT Twitter pages:


Third party applications

There are lots of third-party programs and applications you can use with your Twitter accounts. These applications are built on the Twitter platform by external developers and allow you to do an array of neat things with your account. However, you should be cautious before giving up control of your account to someone else.

Photo tagging

Just like Facebook, others can tag you in a photo, which is just like a ‘mention’ on Twitter – you get ‘mentioned’ in the uploaded photo.

This is set by default to on, meaning anyone can tag you in a photo. Use the radio buttons to restrict tagging to people you follow back, or disable photo tagging altogether.

Tweet privacy

Twitter sets Protect my Tweets as a default to off, and anyone who uses Twitter, all your followers, and anyone searching Google can see your tweets. If you check the box to protect your Tweets, it ensures your tweets are not visible.


For help with your Twitter account privacy or if you are looking for someone to manage your Twitter posts for you please contact us.