The importance of using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy


LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads so you’d be a fool not to use LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy in 2017.

Why use LinkedIn?

  1. Increase your brand presence by posting and engaging with your connections
  2. Showing off your expertise, skills, and knowledge to others in your industry or to those who might need your services
  3. Keep up to date with your connections movements i.e. have they moved to another company? Should you be reaching out to them and also to the company they have moved from?
  4. Remain connected and continue to engage with your clients, prospects and partners, especially if the relationship goes quiet, LinkedIn is a great tool for prompting
  5. Target prospects
  6. Increase SEO

How can you use LinkedIn effectively?

Make the most of your profileDoes your profile sell you and your services in the best way? Do you have a header image? Have you included all your contact details and other social media links, is your summary written in a way that sells your skills and expertise? Have you provided visual examples of your work? Do you have any recommendations? These are all areas that should be completed.

PostingIt’s important to regularly post onto your LinkedIn profile to get your name out there and share your expertise. There is no limit on how many times you should post, the more posts the merrier, but do not use LinkedIn as a sales tool!

Sharing & Engaging – It’s important to ensure your connections feel ‘connected’. By sharing and engaging with your connections posts you are reminding your connections that you are there and more importantly prompting them to pick up the phone if they need your services.

Building connections – Connect on LinkedIn with your clients, prospects and suppliers. These can be taken from mailing lists, email software and any other tools or spreadsheets you might hold.

Posting onto LinkedIn Pulse – If you have a long list of articles you can post these onto LinkedIn Pulse. They might be news pieces or top tips for example. These are great for showing off your expertise and great for SEO.

Create a group – research current groups on LinkedIn and identifying a gap that you can fill. You will then need to promote, post and monitor the group to manage any engagement.

Engaging in external groups – Make sure you are commenting, liking and sharing posts in other groups that are relevant to your industry to increase your brand presence and identity to those you are not already connected with.

Target prospects – Use tools like advanced search to identify the exact type of people who you are targeting. Send them a connection request with a personalised message of why they should connect with you and what you can offer them. If you have a premium account you can send an InMail. You may even have a mutual connection and if this is the case speak to your connection to see if they can make an introduction.

Advertising – LinkedIn have a number of advertising opportunities including sponsored adverts, sponsored content and text ads. If you’re serious about using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool you should consider investing in one of these options. The type of advertising you choose depends on your type of business and who you want to target. Find out more here.

Promote your LinkedIn profile – Add a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature to encourage those you are communicating with to connect with you.

How to interact with your connections when receiving comments

  1. Thank you messages
  2. Answering technical questions
  3. Offer advice and support
  4. Direct them to your website services or articles


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