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The importance of using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy


LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads so you’d be a fool not to use LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy in 2017.

Why use LinkedIn?

  1. Increase your brand presence by posting and engaging with your connections
  2. Showing off your expertise, skills, and knowledge to others in your industry or to those who might need your services
  3. Keep up to date with your connections movements i.e. have they moved to another company? Should you be reaching out to them and also to the company they have moved from?
  4. Remain connected and continue to engage with your clients, prospects and partners, especially if the relationship goes quiet, LinkedIn is a great tool for prompting
  5. Target prospects
  6. Increase SEO

How can you use LinkedIn effectively?

Make the most of your profileDoes your profile sell you and your services in the best way? Do you have a header image? Have you included all your contact details and other social media links, is your read more

Twitter considers paid membership option

Twitter as we know it has always been free to all users, it’s a long time coming but they are now looking to implement a paid for option for businesses offering advanced features.

Twitter has struggled to grow its users in the last few years and is currently carrying out surveys to “assess interest” in the idea.

Paying members would get access to an enhanced version of Tweetdeck, Twitter’s interface that offers more functionality than like auto posting and read more

Free Social Media Tools you need to know about in 2017

The social media world is a fascinating one. Every now and then a new social media platform or tool emerges to capture our attention. We’ve provided some useful tools and social media platforms you shouldn’t ignore. Some have been around for a while and others are just coming into the limelight.

Instagram Analytics

Find out how your business is performing on Instagram with this free analytics tool by Simply Measured.

Adobe Spark

With read more