Monthly Archives: May 2016

Twitter’s move to simplify 140-character tweet rules

TwitterIn the news this week Twitter is making a number of changes over the next few months to Tweets in a bid to “simplify” its product, allowing users to express themselves with more room in 140-character Tweets.

These changes are expected to be rolled out globally over the coming months, and will include:

•    Media attachments, including photos and videos, will no longer count toward the character limit
•    @names in replies to Tweets will be removed from the count
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8 quick tips to promoting your social media accounts

Social MediaHere are some quick tips on how to promote your social media pages to encourage followers, get connected and win new business.

  1. Include social media icons (with links) to all your accounts on the home page of your website
  2. Include a social share button to your website pages, blog and news section on your website so they can be shared on your visitors social media accounts or they can be emailed
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How to improve your Twitter security and privacy


Now is a good time to take a look at Twitter’s security and privacy settings and find out what they really mean, and how you can tighten them up.

First of all, all privacy settings can be found at underneath your logo, then click settings.

Here you can find a number of tools and resources to ensure you can control what you see on Twitter. There are three important ones that we want to focus on to let you control your experience:


Mute offers you the control to avoid people whose read more