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March 2016 Newsletter: Marketing Tips

2016 Marketing Tips

Put a Spring in your step when it comes to marketing your business in 2016!

With the Christmas break now a distant memory and with Spring on the horizon you might be thinking about how to boost your marketing strategy in 2016. What can you do to keep in touch with your existing customers and what more you can do to gain new customers?

We’ve channelled our collective Marketing expertise to bring you some great articles this season to ensure you are at the top of your game when it comes to marketing your business in 2016.

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8 Social Media tools you need to know in 2016

Social MediaSocial media has changed the way we communicate and has created an opportunity for businesses to  connect directly with their audience and customers, helping to increase engagement as well as build and maintain relationships.

One of the reasons why small business owners find social media challenging is the thought of having to navigate through the fast-paced world of social media and not have the time to commit. With these useful tools you can save time and also increase your social media read more

2016 Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing2016 is the year which brings fresh challenges to marketers and business owners who want to keep up with trends in the industry and continue to run successful email campaigns.

This year, email marketing will become more focused on the end user by providing a more customer-centric experience. After all isn’t that what we want? Recipients of our emails to receive them at the right time, find our emails informative and interesting and most of all relevant?

Some of my predictions for read more

Why blogging helps to increase your online presence

What is Blogging?

A blog is a web-based journal which enables you to share your interests, passions, ideas and thoughts on any topics that you care about.

How can blogs bring in business?

Blogs are picked up by Google and other search engines through content, keywords, photos, video and links. Blogs can make a significant difference to your business as they increase your companies online presence, helps your website to rank higher in search engines and shows you are an expert in your field. read more